End Toxic Masculinity

  1. There is a new scientific study that shows that women in science do face discrimination on all levels from all scientists… what is important about this for me is that THIS study counts as good enough evidence. Whereas women scientists saying they are discriminated against is not, in and of itself, proof that women scientists are discriminated against. Now, for women scientists who live this discrimination everyday, these numbers matter because their profession and their society demand the numbers in order to deem the reality of this discrimination a Truth. I just hate that it has to be that way. It should be enough that when a lot of women scientists say they face bias in their work, we believe them. That should be good enough evidence. But it’s not because it falls outside the range of what we consider “empirical evidence.” Funny, that.

    Jessica Luther  (via thefemcritique)

    An angle to this that I’ve never considered … that it isn’t enough to accept the word of underrepresented and discriminated women in science (and elsewhere, for that matter) … that we need studies to make it “official”, that is perhaps the greatest example of the work that remains to be done.

    Replace “women” with the underrepresented group of your choosing and this applies equally well. 

    (via jtotheizzoe)

    (via jtotheizzoe)